Future Planning Tool

Build a plan to help you secure the future for you or anyone with a disability.

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How This Works

Use this Future Planning Tool to:

  1. Guide you through the steps required to identify your goals.
  2. Build a personal plan to secure the future for you or anyone with a disability.
  • We know planning for the future can be a difficult and complicated task. This Future Planning Tool simplifies the process and guides you through the steps of planning for a good life, including financial security, personal network building, estate planning, housing choices and supported decision-making.
  • To start, click on the "START My Plan" button. You will then be asked some questions to direct you to recommended topics for your review. The recommended topics will help you create a personal plan which includes a checklist of action tasks to work on.

    Remember, you are not alone in this work. There are many people and organizations in your community offering support to help you achieve your goals. The Resources section of this tool gives you access to appropriate resources and supports.

  • Check out the "Getting Started With The Future Planning Tool" guide for helpful tips and a task calendar.

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